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i can't, i can't. i can't forget.

seriously, this song owns.

Mkay. Quick update for those of y'all who wear fanny packs.

Christmas = r0x0rzz.

To sum it all up:
I now own FIIIIIVE Ted Leo cds. FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE. 101 r0x0r! (I got Tyranny of Distance, Tell Balgeary... ep, and Treble in Trouble. Hoorah!)

Also, I got so many books that most other kids would consider Christmas to be ruined.
(I got more awesome cookbooks than you can shake a stick at... including books by three of my favorite TV food personalities: Alton Brown, Bob Blumer, and Anthony Bourdain! Yaaaaayyyyy!)

Also, I got so much tea-related stuff, I'm like a pig rolling in shit. Huzzah!

New Years Eve pajama party craziness last night at Kagels' house. It was pretty righteous. We're fucking crazy, even completely sober. We played some Made-Up Card Game this morning... KJ ended up running around outside yelling "I SEE THE BOOGEYMAN," Justin jumped on and kissed a sleeping Bille and said, "Good morning, princess!" (Bille claims that he didn't wake up. Mm-hmm) ...basically, an amazing time was had by all. I miss having the whole crew together like that.

I totally lost my voice like crazy, too. Like, I was completely unable to speak for a while. I'm still super hoarse.

Annnnnnyway, I'm off to watch Haiku Tunnel (um, funniest movie ever made? Aurora... Auroooooorrrraaaaaa...) and get smashed on Twisted Tea with the Broad Squad (reunited at last!). I shall write my 2005 year-in-review later. Ta-ta!
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