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when we get there, you better be ready to rocksteady (crosspost)

Listen to Rocksteady by Marc Broussard

Episode #488:
...Wherein our heroine, attempting to be cryptic, describes her life in terms of extremely obscure references and hides behind useless trivia.

For one day in 1994, the character of Dilbert was drawn with his tie hanging flat. Very few people know why.

Well, if I was Dilbert, my tie would not be curled today.

Also: As of this morning, my beloved red spectacles have met their maker. The metal has snapped on both sides. It's been a good four years. I'll probably write a fitting tribute to the Red Glasses later.

Gosh. This little lady has had far too much excitement for one day.

**i get caught up in the rhythm of your hips and i just can't wait to take this party home**
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