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alzaetia_jane's Journal

pamela the blender queen
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Hey all. I'm Pamela, and I like to do things. I am an obsessive fan of several musicians and television programs, which are listed below. This journal is not my journal in its full splendor and glory - the real one is located at http://www.deadjournal.com/users/alzaetia_jane
all ages clubs, ani difranco, asian man records, astrology, band merch, barenaked ladies, ben folds five, beth hart, bjork, bnl, boys who wear glasses, bruce mcculloch, caffiene, candy, cardigans, cheese, chick rock, coffee, comedy, concerts, cookies, crafts, cynicism, dana carvey, dancing, daria, dave foley, deadjournal, decoupage, designers, diaries, directing, ed robertson, emo, entrain, eyeliner, fashion, fashion design, filmmaking, fiona apple, forensic science shows, fork in hand records, geek rock, gideon yago, glasses, goodwill, guster, gwen stefani, haute couture, hearniak, henna, hepcat, hot pockets, html, independence, instant oatmeal, janeane garafalo, jim creeggan, jon stewart, kevin hearn, kids in the hall, king of the hill, kith, kraft dinner, leona naess, lewis black, live, liz phair, loeb, mark mckinney, mehndi, mighty mighty bosstones, mod podge, monk, montel, movies, mst3k, mu330, music, musical theatre, mystery science theater 3000, nerd rock, nerdy boys, newbury comics, news radio, newsradio, night court, no doubt, olsen twins movies, paula cole, phil hartman, piano rock, pinkerton, play writing, plays, pocky, poetry, purple, quizzes, reel big fish, rivers cuomo, rock spectacle, rocky horror picture show, rude girl, rudies, sarah mclachlan, sarcasm, saris, sarongs, save ferris, scott thompson, screenplay writing, shoes, shows, ska, skanking, skirts, stand-up comedy, steven page, stevenite, straight edge, sweaters, sxe, talk shows, tea, tears for fears, television, that's what she said, the daily show, the pietasters, the simpsons, the skatistics, the sklar brothers, the stereo, theatre, thrift stores, toad the wet sprocket, tori amos, trichotillomania, tv, under the pink, vintage, weezer, weird al