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it’s gonna take a lot of love to turn things around (crosspost)

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in loving memory of my old red glasses

Oh, those red glasses. They were a friend to us all. Over the past few years, they've become somewhat of a trademark. Seeing them broken into three pieces was heartbreaking, and honestly? I think a little piece of me died just then.

But as tragic as this all is, I am quite excited to introduce the world to my NEW red glasses. I went into LensCrafters on Wednesday night with a laundry list of specifications for my new pair. They had to be hip and young and thick and a little gaudy, but not too silly or gimmicky. They had to be wearable in a multitude of situations, since I have to wear my glasses every waking moment of the day. They had too look professional, but not old. They had to be thick enough to look like I was really wearing glasses, but not thick enough to look like every emo kid walking down the street. They had to look different than everyone else's hip, thick, gaudy glasses. Preferably retro. Preferably red.

Well, you know what they say. Ask and ye shall recieve. My new glasses are absolutely perfect. Super-retro cat-eye half-frames, almost the same color as my last pair (just a little more brown). They look sort of like this:
my new spex!

(Everyone who loves bad MSPaint drawings say YEAH!)

I will put up real pictures when I get them. And I promise I'm going to start updating more often again. I really really mean it this time.

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