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this is the girl with such fantastic eyes (crosspost)

Listen to (part of) Goods (It's All In Your Head) by Mates Of State

l'esprit d'escalier:
episode one

My new blog (which is currently in the works) is going to be called "Wit Of The Staircase," which is the English translation of my favorite French "untranslatable," l'esprit d'escalier. It refers to the clever things you wish you'd said but in reality didn't think of until well after the moment passed to say them. My whole life revolves around l'esprit d'escalier.

The situation: The drummer from Planeside was hitting on me all night at the show yesterday.

What I did: Smile politely and inch away.

What I should've said: "If you call me 'baby' one more time, you'll lose a testicle."

Note: I did earn my first-ever on-stage band member shout-out for being hot, which most certainly deserves a place in the record books.

**you can't kill time without injuring us**
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